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ISO Abbrev. Title: Pol. J. Environ. Stud.

Vol. 20 No. 6 (2011)

The articles published in Polish Journal of Environmental Studies can be downloaded free of charge only for personal scientific research.



Significance of Zeta Potential in the Adsorption of Fulvic Acid on Aluminum Oxide and Activated Carbon
Anna M. Anielak, Milena Grzegorczuk-Nowacka
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Alpha-Diversity of Differently Managed Agro-Ecosystems Assessed at a Habitat Scale
Ligita Balezentiene
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Sounds and Vibrations Necessary for Library of Vibroacoustic Events Addressed to Visually Impaired Persons - Questionnaire Results
Edyta Bogusz, Ewa Skrodzka, Edward Hojan, Marek Jakubowski, Alina Talukder, Dorota Hojan-Jezierska
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Dynamics of Changes of Selenium Content in Soil and Red Clover (Trifolium pratense L.) Affected by Long-Term Organic Fertilization on the Background of Selected Soil Oxidoreductases
Katarzyna Borowska, Jan Koper
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Investigating Natural Zeolite and Wood Ash Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen Content in Grain Residue Compost
Violeta Čepanko, Pranas Baltrėnas
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Biomonitoring Release of Elements from Water Pipes Using Hair Mineral Analysis
Katarzyna Chojnacka, Marcin Mikulewicz1, Izabela Michalak, Agnieszka Saeid, Helena Górecka, Henryk Górecki
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Simulative Evaluation of Pb, Cd, Cu, and Zn Transfer to Humans: The Case of Recreational Parks in Poznań, Poland
Jean Bernard Diatta, Witold Grzebisz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Application of Hydrodynamic Simulation and Frequency Analysis for Assessment of Sediment Deposition and Vegetation Impacts on Floodplain Inundation
Department of Water and Sanitary Engineering, Poznań University of Environmental and Life Sciences,
Piątkowska 94A, 60-649 Poznań, Poland
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Effects of 8-Week Intermittent Whole Body Vibration Combined with Sub-Maximal Resistance Training on Strength Capacities in Health-Related Training of Young Females
Jerzy Eider, Viktor Mishchenko, Tomasz Tomiak, Stanislaw Sawczyn, Tatyana Kuehne, Mariusz Zasada
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Comparison of Tests for Equivalence of Methods for Measuring PM10 Dust in Ambient Air
Jacek Gębicki1, Krystyna Szymańska2
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Effect of Soil Compaction on Root System Morphology and Productivity of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)
Tomasz Głąb
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Manganese Content in Biomass of Spring Wheat, Soil, and Soil Effluents after Fertilization with Municipal Sewage Sludge and Compost of Municipal Wastes
Krzysztof Gondek, Małgorzata Koncewicz-Baran
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Common Genetic Polymorphisms and Environmental Risk Factors in Polish Patients with Angiographically Documented Coronary Artery Disease
Jarosław Gorący, Iwona Gorący, Mariusz Kaczmarczyk, Mirosław Brykczyński, Katarzyna Widecka-Ostrowska, Olga Taryma, Andrzej Ciechanowicz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Principles of Developing Limnological Restrictions in the Planning Process
Anna Hakuć-Błażowska, Ryszard Cymerman
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Prognosis of the Natural Environment Transformations Resulting from Spatial Planning Solutions
Maria Hełdak, Beata Raszka
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Experimental Study of Pollutant Concentrations from a Heat Station Supplied with Wood Pellets
Marek Juszczak
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Sickle Cell Anemia-Associated Beta-Globin Mutation in Shagia and Manasir Tribes from Sudan
Agnieszka Kempińska-Podhorodecka, Oktawian M. Knap, Miłosz Parczewski, Agnieszka Bińczak-Kuleta, Andrzej Ciechanowicz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Export Competitiveness of Polish Environmental Products in Select Manufacturing Sectors
Renata Koneczna, Joanna Kulczycka
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Passive Smoking as a Risk Factor for Upper Respiratory Tract Colonization by Haemophilus influenzae in Healthy Pre-School Children
Urszula Kosikowska, Izabela Korona-Glowniak, Anna Malm
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


The Effect of Stream Bed Morphology on Shredder Abundance and Leaf-Litter Decomposition in Hungarian Midland Streams
Kata Kovács, Géza B. Selmeczy, Tamás Kucserka, Nassr-Allah H. Abdel-Hameid, Judit Padisák
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Changes in Physico-Chemical Composition in Groundwater under Area of Treatment Plant Operating in Natural Environment
Katarzyna Pawęska, Krzysztof Kuczewski
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Spatial Variability of Total and Mineral Nitrogen Content and Activities of the N-Cycle Enzymes in a Luvisol Topsoil
Anna Piotrowska
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Nutrient Retention in Surface Waters of Lithuania
Arvydas Povilaitis
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


The Effect of Zinc- and Copper Sulphate Supplementation on Tumor and Hair Concentrations of Trace Elements (Zn, Cu, Fe, Ca, Mg, P) in Rats with DMBA-Induced Breast Cancer
Dorota Skrajnowska, Barbara Bobrowska, Andrzej Tokarz, Marzena Kuras, Paweł Rybicki, Marek Wachowicz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Modeling Impact of Climate Change and Management Practices on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Arable Soils
Alina Syp, Antoni Faber, Jerzy Kozyra, Robert Borek, Rafał Pudełko, Magdalena Borzęcka-Walker, Zuzanna Jarosz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Investigation and Evaluation of Green Waste Composting Parameters
Saulius Vasarevičius, Pranas Baltrenas, Edita Baltrenaite
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Interaction of Liming and Earthworm Humus in Detoxification of Soil Contaminated with Excess Copper
Stanisław Wróbel, Karolina Nowak-Winiarska
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


The Yield and Utilization Coefficient of Nitrogen by Plants after Applying of Fresh and Composted Sewage Sludge with Mineral and Organic Additions
Andrzej Wysokiński, Stanisław Kalembasa
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Thermal Regions in Light of Contemporary Climate Change in Poland
Agnieszka Ziernicka-Wojtaszek, Tadeusz Zawora
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF



Occurrence of Arsenic in Selected Parts of the Human Femur Head
Barbara Brodziak-Dopierała, Jerzy Kwapuliński, Jolanta Kowol
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF

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