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ISO Abbrev. Title: Pol. J. Environ. Stud.

Vol. 25 No. 4 (2016)

The articles published in Polish Journal of Environmental Studies can be downloaded free of charge only for personal scientific research.



A Review of the Application of Biofloccualnts in Wastewater Treatment
Mayowa O. Agunbiade, Carolina H. Pohl, Anofi O.T. Ashafa
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF



Photocatalytic Degradation of Synthetic Textile Effluent by Modified Sol-Gel, Synthesized Mobilized and Immobilized TiO2, and Ag-doped TiO2
Tayyaba Muhammad Akram, Nasir Ahmad, Irfan Ahmad Shaikh
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Analysis of Probable Flows Based on the Rainfall-Runoff Model for Flood Scenarios: a Case Study of the Losse River Catchment (Germany)
Mariusz Paweł Barszcz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


The Conceptual Design of Dynamic Acoustic Maps to Assess Noise Exposure
Bartłomiej Borkowski, Ireneusz Czajka, Marek Pluta, Katarzyna Suder-Dębska
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Optimizing the Percentage of Sewage from Septic Tanks for Stable Operation of a Wastewater Treatment Plant
Piotr Bugajski, Krzysztof Chmielowski, Grzegorz Kaczor
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Seasonal Dynamics of Phytoplankton and its Relationship with Environmental Factors of a Chinese Lake
Xiaojiang Chen, Jie Yang, Hugejiletu, Yuqi Chen, Hong Hou
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Bi-Level Decision-Making Approach for GHG Emissions Control and Municipal Solid Waste Management under Parameter Uncertainty: A Case Study in Beijing, China
Yizhong Chen, Li He, Hongwei Lu, Jing Li
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Experimental Study of Factors that Affect Iron and Manganese Removal in Slow Sand Filters and Identification of Responsible Microbial Species
Neslihan Manav Demir
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Using Steepness Coefficient to Improve Artificial Neural Network Performance for Environmental Modeling
Selami Demir, Aykut Karadeniz, Neslihan Manav Demir
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Modeling Impacts of Land Uses on Carbon and Nitrogen Contents, Carbon Dioxide and Water Effluxes of Mediterranean Soils
Ayten Erol, Kamil Ekinci, Davut Akbolat, Fatih Evrendilek
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Glyphosate Use Predicts Healthcare Utilization for ADHD in the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project net (HCUPnet): A Two-Way Fixed-Effects Analysis
Keith Fluegge, Kyle Fluegge
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Transport of Nitrogen Compounds through Subsoils in Agricultural Areas: Column Tests
Joanna Fronczyk, Anna Sieczka, Mariusz Lech, Maja Radziemska, Zbigniew Lechowicz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Study on the Biodegradability of Organometallic Modifier Used in Liquid Fuel Combustion
Joanna Guziałowska-Tic, Wilhelm Jan Tic
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


An Evaluation of Agri-Environmental Indicators through a Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Tool in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Turkey
Serkan Gürlük, Gokhan Uzel
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Heavy Metal Concentrations and Risk Assessment of Sediments and Surface Water of the Gan River, China
Zhang Hua, Jiang Yinghui, Yang Tao, Wang Min, Shi Guangxun, Ding Mingjun
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


NaOH Pretreatment of Wheat Straw at a Mesophilic Temperature: Effect on Hydrolysis and Loss of Organic Carbon
Hao Jiang, Yong Zeng, Hong Nie, Yeqing Li, Jiangtao Ding, Hongjun Zhou
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


High Solid Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Household Organic Waste with Cow Manure for Mass and Energy Recovery
Nuruljannah Khairuddin, Latifah Abd Manaf, Mohd Ali Hassan, Normala Halimoon, Wan Azlina Wan Ab Karim Ghani
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Quantitative Determination of Lethal Concentration Lc50 of Atrazine on Biochemical Parameters; Total Protein and Serum Albumin of Freshwater Fish Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)
Ahsan Khan, Nazish Shah, Muhammad, Mian Sayed Khan, Munawar Saleem Ahmad, Muhammad Farooq, Muhammad Adnan, Sahibzada Muhammad Jawad, Hayat Ullah, Ali Muhammad Yousafzai
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Chromium and Nickel Accumulation by Plants Along an Altitudinal Gradient in Western Carpathian Secondary Spruce Stands
Margita Kuklová, Ján Kukla, Katarína Gašová
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Modeling the Quality and Quantity of Runoff in a Highly Urbanized Catchment Using Storm Water Management Model
Chunlin Li, Miao Liu, Yuanman Hu, Jiping Gong, Yanyan Xu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Effects of Grazing Exclusion on Soil Properties in Maqin Alpine Meadow, Tibetan Plateau, China
Hongqin Li, Fawei Zhang, Shaojuan Mao, Jingbin Zhu, Yongsheng Yang, Huidan He, Yingnian Li
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Using Phosphorus and Zeolite to Immobilize Lead in Two Contrasting Contaminated Urban Soils
Junhui Li, Chongjian Jia, Ying Lu, Hojae Shim
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Structural Stability and Erodibility of Soil in an Age Sequence of Artificial Robinia pseudoacacia on a Hilly Loess Plateau
Qiang Li, Guobin Liu, Zheng Zhang, Dengfeng Tuo, Xiaorong Miao
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


How Red Mud-Induced Enhancement of Iron Plaque Formation Reduces Cadmium Accumulation in Rice with Different Radial Oxygen Loss
Zhiyan Liu, Junxing Yang, Xiaoming Wan, Yisheng Peng, Jie Liu, Xuedong Wang, Min Zeng
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Advanced Treatment of Leachate Secondary Effluent by a Combined Process of MFPFS Coagulation and Sulfate Radical Oxidation
Zhanmeng Liu, Peng Zhan, Fahui Nie
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Municipal Solid Waste Management Problems on a Local Scale: A Case Study from Rural Poland
Andrzej Macias, Witold Piniarski
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Changing the Potential Distribution of Turkey Oak (Quercus cerris L.) under Climate Change in Turkey
Ahmet Mert, Kürşad Özkan, Özdemir Şentürk, Mehmet Güvenç Negiz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Comparison of Fenton and Photo-Fenton Processes for Removal of Linear Alkyle Benzene Sulfonate (Las) from Aqueous Solutions
Mohammad Bagher Miranzadeh, Rouhullah Zarjam, Rouhullah Dehghani, Mohsen Haghighi, Hakime Zamani Badi, Milad Ahmadi Marzaleh, Ashraf Mazaheri Tehrani
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Environmental Water Chemistry and Dissolved Radon Concentration in a Thermal Spring
S. Mohammad Mirhosseini
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Sensitivity Analysis of Model Parameters for Water Quality Simulation
Nireshini Naidoo, Muthukrishnavellaisamy Kumarasamy
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Quantitative Assessment of Epiphytic and Benthic Meioinvertebrate Fauna in Various Types of Standing Water
Teresa Nesteruk
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Determining Eight Biogenic Amines in Surface Water Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Zhengtao Quan, Guangfa Xie, Qi Peng, Jicheng Shan, Wenhao Xing, Jialei Zhang, Shiling Li, Zhongyu Chan, Chuanfeng Chou, HuiJun Zou
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


The “Weekend Effect” on Ozone in the Warsaw Conurbation, Poland
Katarzyna Rozbicka, Tomasz Rozbicki
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Classification of Regions with Endemic Diseases Based on Trace Element Concentrations in Groundwater
Aida Sahmurova, Bunyad Shahmurzada
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Ground Sediment Transport Model and Numerical Simulation
Jichao Sun
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


An Electric Carbon Productivity Analysis of China’s Industrial Sector Using Multi-Dimensional Decomposition
Wei Sun, Yujun He, Huisheng Gao
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Application of Selected Methods of Artificial Intelligence to Activated Sludge Settleability Predictions
Bartosz Szeląg, Jarosław Gawdzik
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Trace and Toxic Element Levels in River Sediments
Cem Tokatli, Yasin Baştatli
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Characterizing Microbial Populations in Petroleum-Contaminated Soils of Swat District, Pakistan
Muhammad Nazir Uddin, Murtaza Ali, Muhammad, Muhammad Farooq, Nisar Ahmad, Johar Jamil, Kalsoom, Muhammad Adnan, Nazish Shah, Ahsan Khan
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Where are the Alien Species? Predictions of Global Plant Species Invasions under Current Environmental Conditions and the Human Footprint
Yao Wang, Zhonglin Xu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Salix matsudana Koidz Tolerance Mechanisms to Cadmium: Uptake and Accumulation, Subcellular Distribution, and Chemical Forms
Hangfeng Wu, Jiayue Wang, Binbin Li, Yangjie Ou, Junran Wang, Qiuyue Shi, Wusheng Jiang, Donghua Liu, Jinhua Zou
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Plant Diversity and Vegetation Structures in the Understory of Mixed Boreal Forests under Different Management Regimes
Wen Wu, Yuanman Hu, Yuehui Li, Jiping Gong, Long Chen, Yu Chang, Zaiping Xiong
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Separating the Impacts of Climatic Variation and Human Activities on River Discharge of a Forest Watershed in North China
Yang Zhao, Shengzhuo Hua, Xiaoming Zhang, Chen Cheng, Bing Liu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF



Effects of Soil Compaction and Tillage Practices on Carbon Dioxide Efflux in Northeast China: Evidence from an Incubation Study
Xuewen Chen, Jingmin Yang, Aizhen Liang, Xiaoping Zhang
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Epidemiological Evidence of the Effects of Environmental Pollution on Male Reproductive Health in an Electronic Waste-Recycling Town
Han Du, Mengxi Yu, Jun Sun, Gaihuan Song, Yan Li
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


First Observations of Boeckella michaelseni Mrázek 1901 in and Optical Properties of a Central Patagonian Lake
Patricio De los Ríos-Escalante, Patricio Acevedo
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Concentrations of Heavy Metals and Nitrates in Eggplant Grown with a Biostimulator
Joanna Majkowska-Gadomska, Artur Dobrowolski, Emilia Mikulewicz, Anna Francke
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Associations of Traffic-Related Air Pollution with Children’s Attention Spans: a Factor Analysis
Shunqin Wang, Jinliang Zhang, Jiangwu Yao, Minquan Du
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Approaching the Truth of the Missing Carbon Sink
Wenfeng Wang, Xi Chen, Lunche Wang, Heng Zhang, Gang Yin, Yifan Zhang
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF

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