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ISO Abbrev. Title: Pol. J. Environ. Stud.

Vol. 25 No. 6 (2016)

The articles published in Polish Journal of Environmental Studies can be downloaded free of charge only for personal scientific research.



Evaluating Breast Cancer Risk under Exposure to Environmental Estrogen-Like Chemicals
Yuanfang He, Xiaoling Wang, Kusheng Wu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF



Using Phytoremediation with Canola to Remove Cobalt from Agricultural Soils
Sevinç Adiloğlu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Regional Frequency Analysis of Annual Peak Flows in Pakistan Using Linear Combination of Order Statistics
Ishfaq Ahmad, Muhammad Fawad, Muhammad Akbar, Aamar Abbas, Hafiz Zafar
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Experimental Study on Maize Cob Trickling Filter-Based Wastewater Treatment System: Design, Development, and Performance Evaluation
Imran Ali, Zahid M. Khan, Muhammad Sultan, Muhammad H. Mahmood, Hafiz U. Farid, Mohsin Ali, Abdul Nasir
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


GIS-based Study on the Susceptibility of Dubai Creek (UAE) to Eutrophication
Tarig A. Ali, Maruf Mortula, Serter Atabay
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Estimating Trends and Return Periods of Daily Extreme Precipitation Associated with Tropical Cyclones in the Core North American Monsoon
Omar Llanes Cárdenas, Mariano Norzagaray Campos, Patricia Muñoz Sevilla, Rosario Ruiz Guerrero, Héctor A. González Ocampo, María N. Herrera Moreno
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Nitrogen Cycle of Sediment
Bei-bei Chai, Ting-lin Huang, Xiao-guang Zhao, Yajiao Li
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Response of Soil Carbon and Nitrogen to 15-year Experimental Warming in Two Alpine Habitats (Kobresia Meadow and Potentilla Shrubland) on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Dongdong Chen, Liang Zhao, Qi Li, Hai Cai, Jingmei Li, Shixiao Xu, Xinquan Zhao
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Biogeochemical Assessment of a Zn-Contaminated Site Using Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Needles as Phytoindicators
Jean Diatta, Jerzy Nawracała, Agnieszka Andrzejewska, Ewa Chudzińska, Agata Duczmal-Czernikiewicz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Genetic Diversity and RNA-seq Transcriptome Analysis of Tricholoma matsutake from Sichuan Province, China
Xiang Ding, Panpan Wang, Yiling Hou, Mei Wang, Wanru Hou, Yuming Li
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Atmospheric Emissions of As, Sb, and Se from Coal Combustion in Shandong Province, 2005-2014
Jianxin Fan, Yong Wang
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


How Chromium-Resistant Bacteria Can Improve Corn Growth in Chromium-Contaminated Growing Medium
Hadia-e-Fatima, Ambreen Ahmed
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Molasses Wastewater Treatment by Microbial Fuel Cell with MnO2-Modified Cathode
Li-ping Fan, Dan-dan Xu, Chong Li, Song Xue
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Do Application Rates of Wastewater Sewage Sludge Affect the Removal of PAHs from Alkaline Saline Soil?
Fabián Fernández-Luqueño, Reyna Mendoza-Cristino, Luc Dendooven
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Effect of Organic Additives on Vegetation of Plants Grown in Landfill Soil after Ozokerite Processing
Jan Gąsior, Stanisław Właśniewski, Inesa Drozd, Halyna Kreczkiwska, Małgorzata Nazarkiewicz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Environmental Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Armenian River Ecosystems: Case Study of Lake Sevan and Debed River Catchment Basins
Gor A. Gevorgyan, Armine S. Mamyan, Lusine R. Hambaryan, Surik Kh. Khudaverdyan, Ashok Vaseashta
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


New Effective Sorbents for Removal of Am-241 from Drinking Water
Agnieszka Gładysz-Płaska, Agata Oszczak, Leon Fuks, Marek Majdan
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Spatial Variation Assessment of River Water Quality Using Environmetric Techniques
Ang Kean Hua, Faradiella Mohd Kusin, Sarva Mangala Praveena
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Investigating the Ameliorative Potential of the Aloe barbadensis Aqueous Fraction on Oxidative Stress Markers and Biochemical Parameters in Cadmium-Intoxicated Rabbits
Naqi Hussain, Muhammad Nawaz Chaudhary, Aftab Ahmed Anjum, Naeem Abbas, Muhammad Naeem Khan, Syed Maaz Nadeem
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Temporal-Spatial Variations of Concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 in Ambient Air
Liu Jie, Hou Kepeng, Wang Xiaodong, Yang Peng
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Mineral Constituents of Edible Field Parasol (Macrolepiota procera) Mushrooms and the Underlying Substrate from Upland Regions of Poland: Bioconcentration Potential, Intake Benefits, and Toxicological Risk
Anna K. Kojta, Magdalena Gucia, Grażyna Krasińska, Martyna Saba, Innocent C. Nnorom, Jerzy Falandysz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Managing Phosphorus in Polish Agriculture – Production and Environmental Aspects
Jerzy Kopiński, Beata Jurga
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Dynamics of Soil Salinity in Irrigation Areas in South Kazakhstan
Shakhislam Uzakbaevich Laiskhanov, Azimbay Otarov, Igor Yuryevich Savin, Samat Isembayevich Tanirbergenov, Zheken Umbetkulovich Mamutov, Saken Nurzhanuly Duisekov, Arseniy Zhogolev
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Effects of the Three Gorges Project on the Environment of Poyang Lake
Dayong Li, Xijun Lai, Zengchuan Dong, Xiaoli Luo
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Mixotrophic Denitrification Desulfurization Wastewater Treatment Process: Bioreactor Performance and Analysis of the Microbial Community
Wei Li, Jianguo Lin, Libo Zhang, Kunpeng Zhu, Xinyi Liu, Zhen Wang, Binxia Cao, Ping Guo
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Effect of No-Till Farming and Straw Mulch on Spatial Variability of Soil Respiration in Sloping Cropland
Yingchen Li, Cuicui Hou, Qibo Wang, Yingying Chen, Jianmin Ma, Zaman Mohammad
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Experiment and Modeling of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of Unsaturated Soil in Collapsing Erosion Area
Weiping Liu, Xiaoyan Luo, Mingfu Fu, Jinsong Huang
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Automatic Coastline Detection Using Image Enhancement and Segmentation Algorithms
Erdem Emin Maraş, Mustafa Caniberk, Hadi Hakan Maraş
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Can Change of Landscape Composition Increase Interspecies Competition Among Amphibians and Thus Decrease the Body Condition of the Endangered Bombina variegata?
Peter Mikoláš
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Oil Spill Influence on Vegetation in Nigeria and Its Determinants
Bahaa Mohamadi, Fujiang Liu, Zhong Xie
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Assessment of Climate and Land Use Change Projections and their Impacts on Flooding
Emmanuel Rukundo, Ahmet Doğan
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Pilot Study of Greenhouse Gases and Ammonia Emissions from Naturally Ventilated Barns for Dairy Cows
Wojciech Rzeźnik, Paulina Mielcarek, Ilona Rzeźnik
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Evaluation of Water Quality for Drinking and Agricultural Suitability in the Lower Indus Plain in Sindh Province, Pakistan
Asfandyar Shahab, Qi Shihua, Audil Rashid, Faizan Ul Hasan, Muhammad Tayyab Sohail
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Effect of Modified Polyacrylamide on Plant-Availability of Cd and Pb to Corn in Polluted Soils
Hossein Shirani, Hadis Hosseini, Mohsen Hamidpour, Mohammad Hossein Shamshiri
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


The Oxidative Stress Response of Mirabilis jalapa to Exhausted Engine Oil (EEO) during Phytoremediation
Sadia Tabassum, Naeem Shahid, Jin Wang, Muhammad Shafiq, Mehvish Mumtaz, Muhammad Arslan
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


How Organic Fertilizers Change Chemical Element Leaching: A Summary of the Lysimeter Studies in Lithuania, 1987-2014
Liudmila Tripolskaja, Eugenija Baksiene, Almantas Razukas, Gvidas Sidlauskas
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Photosynthesis Inhibition of Pyrogallol Against the Bloom-Forming Cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa TY001
Jie Wang, Qi Liu, Jia Feng, Junping Lv, Shulian Xie
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Studying the Urban Heat Island Using a Local Climate Zone Scheme
Zhihao Wang, Wu Xing, Yi Huang, Tongan Xie
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Cd and Fe Concentrations of the Surface Water of a Stream in Jordan
Mohammed Wedyan, Ahmed Al Harahsheh, Riyadh Muhaidat Emad Bsoul, Esam Qnais
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Soils with Different Vertical Soil Moisture Distribution Patterns
Qi Wei, Junzeng Xu, Shihong Yang, Yan Ma, Twecan Dalson
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Construction of Time-Space Structure Model of Deep Stope and Stability Analysis
Zhijie Wen, Yunliang Tan, Zuozhen Han, Fanbao Meng
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Using a Geographically Weighted Regression Model to Explore the Influencing Factors of CO2 Emissions from Energy Consumption in the Industrial Sector
Rina Wu, Jiquan Zhang, Yuhai Bao, Siqin Tong
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


An Integrated Spatial Method for Minimizing Environmental Damage of Transmission Pipelines
Volkan Yildirim, Tahsin Yomralioglu, Recep Nisanci, Ebru Husniye Colak, Sevket Bediroglu, Tugba Memisoglu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


The Abundance and Community Composition of Ammonia-Oxidizing Prokaryotes in Small-Reservoir Sediments in China’s Huashan Watershed
Dayong Zhao, Rui Huang, Jin Zeng, Juan Luo, Feng Shen, Cuiling Jiang, Feng Huang, Zhongbo Yu, Qinglong L. Wu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Adsorption of Co(II) on Graphene Oxides from Aqueous Solution
Hua Zhu, Xuetao Xu, Xin Zhong
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF



Zinc Regarding the Utilization of Waste Tires by Pyrolysis
Anna Ilnicka, Jarosław Okonski, Aleksandra W. Cyganiuk, Jaromir Patyk, Jerzy P. Lukaszewicz
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Improving the Chromatographic Analysis of N-Nitrosamines in Drinking Water by Completely Drying the Solid Sorbent Using Dry Air
Sungjin Jung, Dasom Kim, Hekap Kim
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Feral Pigeons Living Near a Ferronickel Smelter
Albana Plakiqi Milaimi, Qerim Selimi, Kasum Letaj, Artan Trebicka, Astrit Milaimi
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Spectral Properties Observations: a First Comparison of Bulgarian and Chilean Mountain Lakes
Patricio De los Ríos Escalante, Patricio Acevedo, Ivan Pandourski
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Effect of Agricultural Land Use on the Water Quality of Polish Lakes: a Regional Approach
Wojciech Sobolewski
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


The Effect of Subacute Exposure to Acrylamide on Femoral Bone Microstructure in Laboratory Mice
Anna Šarocká, Ramona Babosová, Veronika Kováčová, Patrik Šranko, Radoslav Omelka, Edyta Kapusta, Zofia Goc, Grzegorz Formicki, Monika Martiniaková
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Uptake and Accumulation of Cadmium and Relative Gene Expression in Roots of Cd-resistant Salix matsudana Koidz
Hangfeng Wu, Jiayue Wang, Binbin Li, Yangjie Ou, Wusheng Jiang, Donghua Liu, Jinhua Zou
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF

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