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ISO Abbrev. Title: Pol. J. Environ. Stud.

Vol. 26 No. 5 (2017)

The articles published in Polish Journal of Environmental Studies can be downloaded free of charge only for personal scientific research.



Phytoremediation Potential of Thistle (Cynara Cardunculus L.) and its Ability to Remove Heavy Metals from Polluted Soils with High Rates of Sewage Sludge
Maria del Mar Delgado, Rosario Miralles de Imperial, Isabel González, Carmen Lobo, Antonio Plaza, Sara Martínez, José Valero Martín
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Review on the Fate and Mechanism of Nitrogen Pollutant Removal from Wastewater Using a Biological Filter
Honglei Wang, Wei Zhi, Na Deng, Guodong Ji
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF



Performance Evaluation of Trickling Filter-Based Wastewater Treatment System Utilizing Cotton Sticks as Filter Media
Mian M. Ahson Aslam, Zahid M. Khan, Muhammad Sultan, Yasir Niaz, Muhammad H. Mahmood, Muhammad Shoaib, Aamir Shakoor, Maqbool Ahmad
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Measurements and Factors of Carbon Emission Efficiency
Lili Chen, Feng He
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


A Pseudo-Comprehensive LCA Carbon Footprint Model for Fossil Fuel Power Plants (an Iranian Case)
Fatemeh Dalir, Majid Shafiepour Motlagh, Khosro Ashrafi
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Optimizing Hierarchical Power Distribution of Multiple Local Energy Network Systems in Grid-Connected Mode
Zhang Fuxing, Zhang Tao, Wang Rui
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Determining Water Salinity in a Shallow Aquifer and Its Vulnerability to Coastline Erosion
Héctor José Peinado-Guevara, Omar Delgado-Rodríguez, Jaime Herrera-Barrientos, María de los Ángeles Ladrón de Guevara, Víctor Manuel Peinado-Guevara, Fernando Herrera-Barrientos, Samuel Campista Leon
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Simultaneous Rapid Analysis of Multiple Nitrogen Compounds in Polluted River Treatment Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and a Support Vector Machine
Jian Huang, Xiong Zhang, Qingye Sun1, Hua Zhang, Xiaokun Yu, Zhaoliang Wu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Examining Total Concentration and Sequential Extraction of Heavy Metals in Agricultural Soil and Wheat
Mohammad Reza Rezaei Kahkha, Somaye Bagheri, Roghayeh Noori, Jamshid Piri, Safoura Javan
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Efficiency of Fertilization and Utilization of Nitrogen and Sulphur by Spring Wheat
Hanna Klikocka, Magdalena Cybulska, Anna Nowak
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Removal of Sulfa Antibiotics in Low-Remperature Water Using Scoria
Rui Li, Yuling Zhang, Jiali Wang, Hong Qian
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Influence of Organic Loading Rate on the Performance of a Two-Phase Pressurized Biofilm (TPPB ) System Treating Food Waste
Yeqing Li, Fang Yan, Hong Liu, Yafei Wang, Hong Nie, Hao Jiang, Mingyu Qian, Hongjun Zhou
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Influence of Rainfall on the Physicochemical Characteristics of a Tropical River in Sarawak, Malaysia
Teck-Yee Ling, Chen-Lin Soo, Jing-Jing Liew, Lee Nyanti, Siong-Fong Sim, Jongkar Grinang
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Leaching Behavior of Heavy Metals in Coal Gasification Residuals
Jialin Liu, Haibin He, Yumo Chen, Xueting Sun, Jiaxing Zheng, Shasha Yang, Jianli Jia
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Growth Characteristics and Tree-Ring Width Response of Quercus acutissima to Climate Factors in the Rocky Mountain Area of Northern China
Yu Liu, Peng Gao, Jian Ni Sun, Xiang Niu, Rong Jia Wang
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Potential Toxicity in Crucian Carp Following Exposure to Metallic Nanoparticles of Copper, Chromium, and Their Mixtures: A Comparative Study
Yuxuan Liu, Zhenhua Yan, Jun Xia, Kun Wang, Xin Ling, Bingcheng Yan
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Watershed Sustainability Index Development and Application: Case Study of the Motru River in Romania
Oana Mititelu-Ionuş
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Apple Quality and Calcium Content as Affected by Fertilizer Treatment
Senad Murtić, Rodoljub Oljača, Ivana Koleška, Hamdija Čivić
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Enhanced Removal of Golden XGL Dye by Clay Composites: Batch and Column Studies
Sana Nausheen, Haq Nawaz Bhatti, Muhammad Asif Hanif, Khalil-ur-Rehman
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Removal of Actacid Orange-RL Dye Using Biocomposites: Modeling Studies
Saima Noreen, Haq Nawaz Bhatti, Mohammad Zuber, Muhammad Zahid, Muhammad Asgher
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Subdividing Large Mountainous Watersheds into Smaller Hydrological Units to Predict Soil Loss and Sediment Yield Using the GeoWEPP Model
Mehmet Özalp, Esin Erdoğan Yüksel, Saim Yıldırımer
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Community Structure, Temporal and Spatial Changes of Epiphytic Algae on Three Different Submerged Macrophytes in a Shallow Lake
Burak Öterler
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Applying Landsat Satellite Thermal Images in the Analysis of Polish Lake Temperatures
Mariusz Ptak, Adam Choiński, Jan Piekarczyk, Tomasz Pryłowski
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Assessment of Iron Toxicity in Tropical Grasses with Potential for Revegetating Mined Areas
Camilla Oliveira Rios, Bruna Costa de Souza, Advanio Inácio Siqueira-Silva, Eduardo Gusmão Pereira
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


The Impact of Road Transport on CO2 Atmospheric Concentrations in Gaza City (Palestine), and Urban Vegetation as a Mitigation Measure
Mohammed Zedan Salem, Rania F. Almuzaini, Yasser S. Kishawi
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Residue Analysis of Pesticides, Herbicides, and Fungicides in Various Water Sources Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Detection
Mohammad Reza Samarghandi, Mitra Mohammadi, Amir Karami, Leila Tabandeh, Abdollah Dargahi, Farhad Amirian
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Protective Potential of Quercetin on Cd-Induced Hepatorenal Damage
Azza Sedky, Fayza Mahboub, Hany Elsawy, Rania Eid
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Factors Affecting Wheat Farmers’ Attitudes toward Organic Farming
Ali Shams, Zahra Hooshmandan Moghaddam Fard
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


The Dyeing Process and the Environment: Enhanced Dye Fixation on Cellulosic Fabric Using Newly Synthesized Reactive Dye
Umme Habibah Siddiqua, Shaukat Ali, Tanveer Hussain, Haq Nawaz Bhatti, Muhammad Asghar
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Cold Start with Ethanol-Blend Fuels and Influences on Non-Legislated Emissions of a GDI Flex Fuel Vehicle
Zbigniew Stępień, Jan Czerwinski
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


A Data Mining Approach to the Prediction of Food-to-Mass Ratio and Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids
Bartosz Szeląg, Jan Studziński
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Indicator-Based Assessment for Soil Resource Management in the Wrocław Larger Urban Zone of Poland
Szymon Szewrański1, Jan Kazak, Romuald Żmuda, Rafał Wawer
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Structural Characteristics and Collagen Reaction Ability of Polyphenols in Larch Tanning Wastewater – an Important Hint for Vegetable Tanning Wastewater Recycling
Bo Teng, Jiacheng Wu, Yao Wang, Wuyong Chen
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Assessing Synergistic Ultrafiltration Membrane Fouling by TiO2 Nanoparticles and Humic Acid Using Interaction Energy Analysis
Lin Tian, Chunyi Sun, Fengkai Sun, RuiQiang Zong, Shuang Liang
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Seasonal Assessment of Nitrate, Nitrite, and Heavy Metals Pollution in Groundwater of Ardabil Aquifer, Iran
Vahid Rezaverdinejad, Mina Rahimi
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Using a Protective Treatment to Reduce Fusarium Pathogens and Mycotoxins Contaminating Winter Wheat Grain
Urszula Wachowska, Agnieszka Waśkiewicz, Małgorzata Jedryczka
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Spatial Heterogeneity in Sensitivity of Evapotranspiration to Climate Change
Henian Wang, Manyin Zhang , Lijuan Cui, Xinxiao Yu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Risk Assessment of Rockfall Hazards in a Tunnel Portal Section Based on Normal Cloud Model
Xin-tong Wang, Shu-cai Li, Xiu-yuan Ma, Yi-guo Xue, Jie Hu, Zhi-qiang Li
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Scenario Analysis of Energy Conservation and CO2 Emissions Reduction Policies in China’s Iron and Steel Sector
Pengbang Wei, Herui Cui, Mingqi Gang
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Research on Photosynthetic Leguminous Forage in the Karst Rocky Desertification Regions of Southwestern China
Kangning Xiong, Yongkuan Chi, Xiaoyun Shen
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Distribution and Environmental Significance of Phosphorus Forms in Riparian Soils and River Sediments of Jianxi Basin, Fujian Province
Hongmeng Ye, Xuyin Yuan, Rui Zhou, Jie Wan, Jian Xu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Change and Optimization of Landscape Patterns in a Basin Based on Remote Sensing Images: A Case Study in China
Chen Ying, He Ling, Ha Kai
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Magnetically Recoverable Fe3O4-Modified Bentonite as a Heterogeneous Catalyst of H2O2 Activation for Efficient Degradation of Methyl Orange
Linhu Yuan
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Soil Organic Carbon Density Spatial Distribution and Influencing Factors in a Karst Mountainous Basin
Zhenming Zhang, Yunchao Zhou, Shijie Wang 3-4, Xianfei Huang
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Relationships Between Plant Species Richness and Environmental Factors in Nature Reserves at Different Spatial Scales
Xiuhua Zhang, Hui Wang, Renqing Wang, Yutao Wang, Jian Liu
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Research on the Geological Disaster Forecast and Early Warning Model Based on the Optimal Combination Weighing Law and Extension Method: a Case Study in China
Yichen Zhang, Feng Zhang, Jiquan Zhang, Enliang Guo, Xingpeng Liu, Zhijun Tong
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Research on the Carbon Emissions of Beijing Residents Based on the Input-Output Model
Yifei Zhang, Yalin Lei
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Decomposing the Decoupling of Carbon Emissions and Economic Growth in China’s Power Industry
Jianguo Zhou, Fengtao Guang, Shijuan Du
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF


Determining Mechanical and Physical Properties of Phospho-Gypsum and Perlite-Admixtured Plaster Using an Artificial Neural Network and Regression Models
Başak Mesci Oktay, Elif Odabaş
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF



Total Suspended Particulate Matter (TSP ) and its Associated Heavy Metals in Atmosphere on the Western Coast of Saudi Arabia
Jalal M. Basahi, Iqbal M. Ismail, Ibrahim A. Hassan, Talal Almeelbi, Nesreen S. Haiba, Essam Hammam
Abstract: HTML   Full text: PDF

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