A Comparison between Kaolin, Montmorillonite fe-Modified Montmorillonite as Candidate of Upflow Column Media Filter for Humic Acid Removal from SSAS
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Environmental Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, Postal code 44519, Egypt
Submission date: 2020-07-30
Final revision date: 2020-10-24
Acceptance date: 2020-11-04
Online publication date: 2021-02-24
Publication date: 2021-04-16
Corresponding author
Ghada El Sayed Heikal   

environmental engineering, Faculty of engineering-Zagazig university, Faculture of engineering-Zagazig university -zagaz, 44519, Zagazig, Egypt
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2021;30(3):2553-2560
Humic acid (HA)-clay convoluted are well identified for their contribution to environmental processes. Upflow column filter experiments were performed in this study to scrutinize humic acid in simulated synthetic aqueous solution (SSAS) removal using kaolin, montmorillonite and fe-modified montmorillonite under different experimental conditions. The results showed that humic acid removal was higher in fe-modified montmorillonite clay than in kaolin and montmorillonite clays at optimum experimental conditions. The results show that the optimum removal efficiency of HA using femodified montmorillonite was 99 % for humic acid from simulated synthetic aqueous solution (SSAS) when pH = 1, flow rate = 15 ml/min, retention time = 90 min and initial HA concentration = 1 ppm. This efficiency was decreased with increasing of pH, flow rate and initial humic acid concentration while the removal efficiency increased with increasing retention time. This indicates that humic acid removal can be enhanced through the surface charge modification of montmorillonite, by replacing the natural interlayer cations of montmorillonite with polymeric Fe species, the properties of clay surfaces can be modified, and this allows them to interact with both organic and inorganic pollutants dissolved in water. The results of reusability of fe-modified montmorillonite clay obtained that only a slight loss in % HA removal efficiency was observed after five cycles of consecutive reusability, demonstrating that fe-modified montmorillonite was high-performance recyclable filter media for the removal of HA. Results of the experimental data show that the best empirical correlation achieved the most fitting of predicted % removal of HA from (SSAS) using fe-modified montmorillonite clay that gives the maximum value of (R2 = 0.9998). Fe-modified montmorillonite is potential efficient filter media to be used as possible future promising development in filtration field.
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