A Framework for Graywater Recycling of Household Wastewater
C.-C. Chen
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Graduate Institute of Environment Management, Nan Hua University, 32 Chung Keng Li, Dalin, Chiayi 622, Taiwan
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2007;16(1):23–33
Water is a resource of increasing scarcity due to continual expansion of production. Many authors have focused on wastewater recycling for industry and municipal wastewater plants, but wastewater recycling at the community level still lacks a full discussion. This paper focuses on the issue involving only household wastewater recycling which is separated into graywater and blackwater by households. We propose a theoretical framework for analyzing the recycling of household graywater through a simple process that is installed in communities, as well as the re-use of reclaimed water for a variety of applications either in or outside the community.
There are at present no statutory regulations to govern the re-use of reclaimed water. Hence, piping and ducting systems for blackwater and graywater in households are not distinguished and a public ducting system for graywater is still not available in the market. In order to shed light on the dynamics of the household wastewater recycling system, we develop an implementation plan involving governmental policy, a community’s construction of treatment plants, a household’s commitment to recycling, control and checking up, and the education system in order to arouse the public to participate in this system.