Application of Zr-Mg-Y-O Catalyst for Ketonization of Ester and Alcohol Type Industrial Wastes
R. Klimkiewicz*, H. Grabowska, 1. H. Teterycz
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Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Polish Academy of Sciences
50-950 Wrocaw 2, P.O. Box 1410, Poland
1. Institute of Microsystems Technology, Wrocaw University of Technology, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2003;12(1):67-71
Aldehydes and their derivatives - primary alcohols and esters undergo ketonization in the gas phase in the temperature range of 350 - 450 oC over multicomponental oxide catalyst - Zr-Mg-Y-O. The method is appropriate for processing mixtures of components. Experimental study was performed on ketonization of methyl esters fractions of waste fats origin and residuary alcohols fractions originating from industrial installations. In both cases mainly ketone fractions were obtained. During transformation of methyl esters and alcohols the total yields of ketones amounted to over 60% and about 75%, respectively. Also other catalytic systems i.e. Fe-Si-Cr-K-O and Sn-Ce-Rh-O can be used for ketonization of both raw materials.
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