Aquatic fungi growing on the hair of wild and domestic animal species in diverse water bodies
Czeczuga B, Muszynska E
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Czeczuga B, Med Univ Bialystok, Dept Gen Biol, Kilinskiego 1, PL-15230 Bialystok, Poland
Med Univ Bialystok, Dept Gen Biol, PL-15230 Bialystok, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2001;10(5):313-323
The mycoflora developing on the hair of wild and domestic animal species in the water of 6 limnologically different water bodies was investigated under laboratory conditions. 123 zoosporic fungus species were found to grow on the hair investigated, including 27 chytridiomycetes, 1 hypochytriomycetes, 93 oomycetes, and I zygomycetes fungus. The most common fungus species included Rhizophydium keratinophilum, Rhizophydium nodulosum, Blastocladiopsis parva, Catenophlyctis variabilis, Aphanomyces irregularis, Aphanomyces kerathinophilus, Saprolegnia ferax, and Zoophagus insidians. Rhizophydium keratinophilum and Aphanomyces irregularis were found on the hair of all the animals examined. The most fungi were noted to grow in water from lake Komosa (59), the fewest in water from spring Cypisek and spring Jaroszowka (each 49). Out of these 123 species, 33 are known as parasites or necrotrophs of fish. Twelve fungus species were recorded for the first time in Poland.
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