Biodegradable Waste Management in the Czech Republic. A Proposal for Improvement
Zdeněk Horsák1, Jiří Hřebíček2
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1SITA CZ a.s., Španělská 10/1073, 120 00 Praha 2 - Vinohrady, Czech Republic
2Masaryk University, IBA, Kamenice 126/3, 625 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2014;23(6):2019–2025
Our paper analyzes the development of the current approaches to biodegradable waste (bio-waste) management in the Czech Republic in compliance with the European Union (EU). A proposal for the improvement of bio-waste management following the authors’ long-term research for the Czech Ministry of the Environment has been introduced. The experience of bio-waste management from EU is included in our proposal. The solution to the current situation of the Czech Republic is proposed as a logistically interconnected integrated bio-waste management system of technologies that would optimally manage the specifications of individual groups of biological wastes, the needs of customers, and the possible sale of the final products and/or energies. The proposed solution could also be used by other EU accession countries.