Chemical Analysis of Drinking Water Samples from Yozgat, Turkey
1. M. Soylak, 2. F. Armagan Aydin, 1. S. Saracoglu, 3. L. Elci, 4. M. Dogan
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1. Erciyes University, Faculty of Art and Science, Department of Chemistry, 38039, Kayseri, Turkey,
2. Erciyes University, Yozgat Faculty of Art and Science, Department of Chemistry, 66100, Yozgat, Turkey
3. Pamukkale University, Faculty of Art and Science, Department of Chemistry, 20020, Denizli, Turkey
4. Hacettepe University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, 06532, Ankara, Turkey
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2002;11(2):151–156
In order to ascertain water quality for human consumption, major and minor ions were evaluated in the drinking water supplied to the city of Yozgat and its surrounding villages in Turkey. Standard methods were used for determining of chemical and physical characteristics of the water samples. Cu, Fe, Pb, Ni and Mn contents of the drinking water samples were determined by atomic absorption spectrometry after preconcentration on Diaion HP-20 resin column. The data showed the variation of the investigated parameters in water samples as follows: pH 6.90-8.13, conductivity (EC) 57.3-694.5 msimens/cm, calcium 15-120 mg/l, magnesium 3-47 mg/l, chloride 11-77 mg/l, bicarbonate 180-701 mg/l, hardness 50-330 mg CaCO3 /l, total alkalinity 150-575 mg/l, Cu 0.17-1.19 mg/l, Fe 16.11-79.30 mg/l, Pb 0.18-0.99 mg/l and Mn 0.15-2.56 mg/l. Nickel concentrations in all the drinking water samples were below the detection limit. The concentrations of investigated parameters in the drinking water samples from Yozgat were within the permissible limits of the World Health Organization drinking water quality guidelines and the Water Pollution Control Regulation of the Turkish authorities.