Comparison of Incidence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Selected Indices of Vascular Endothelium Status in Women Aged 40-60
Jolanta Mieczkowska1, Jerzy Mosiewicz1, Tomasz Sodolski2, Wojciech Myśliński1
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1Department of Internal Disease, Medical University of Lublin, Stanisława Staszica 16, 20-081 Lublin, Poland
2Department of Cardiology, Medical University of Lublin, Jaczewskiego 8, 20-954 Lublin, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2010;19(6):1391–1399
The aim of our study was to compare cardiovascular risk factors and selected indices of vascular endothelium status in women aged 40-60, inhabiting urban (86 women) and rural (72 women) areas. In women inhabiting rural regions compared with urban dwellers, a significantly lower incidence of metabolic syndrome was found (31.7% vs. 66.7%) as well as higher waist circumference (92.65±13.56 vs. 86.25±13.56 cm), lower values of rest heart rate (60.8±8.2/min. vs. 64.5±9.3/min.), less frequent occurrence of increased values of diastolic blood pressure (14.8% vs. 24.4%), raised peptide C serum levels (48.5% vs. 57.1%), and higher IGF BP1 serum values (7.94±6.84 vs. 6.97±8.41 ng/ml). Despite the differences in distribution of metabolic syndrome and obesity in postmenopausal women inhabiting rural and urban areas in the Lublin region, there were no significant differences in selected indices of vascular endothelial status.