Effect of Habitat and Historical Factors on the Distribution of Meadow Plant Species in the Radziejowa Range (Beskid Sądecki Mountains)
J. Zarzycki1, M. Kopeć2
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1Department of Ecological Bases of Environmental Engineering, Agricultural University in Kraków, Poland
2Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural University in Kraków, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2009;18(5):949-955
The main objective of our study was to quantify the effect of habitat factors and methods of land use in the mid-19th century and in the 1980s on the distribution of meadow plants. Based on canonical correspondence analysis (CCA), it was found that altitude, solar radiation and the duration of meadow use had the greatest effect on the species composition of grasslands. Because these factors are often correlated with one another, it is difficult to identify the decisive factor. Many species were limited to areas characterized by long duration of meadow use and unfavourable conditions for agricultural production. For these species to be preserved, an incentive system that gives preference to marginal land is required.
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