Evaluation of indicator bacteria removal in wastewater treatment processes
Olanczuk-Neyman K, Stosik-Fleszar H, Mikolajski S
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Olanczuk-Neyman K, Gdansk Tech Univ, Hydro & Environm Engn Fac, Narutowicza 11-12, PL-80952 Gdansk, Poland
Gdansk Tech Univ, Hydro & Environm Engn Fac, PL-80952 Gdansk, Poland
Saur Neptun Gdansk SA, Gdansk, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2001;10(6):457–461
The results of elimination of total coliforms, E.coli and enterococci from wastewater during mechanical-chemical treatment as well as biological treatment operated in the MUCT system in a full-scale wastewater treatment plant are presented. It was proved that the change of treatment technology resulted in improving bacteria removal efficiency - reduction of the number of total coliforms increased from 0.9 log(10) to 2.5 log(10) and E. coli from 1.0 log(10) to 2.3 log(10). The UV disinfection of effluent from the MUCT system allowed for further reduction of the number of bacteria to 3.4 log(10) when the dose of UV radiation equal to 40 mWs/cm(2) was applied and to 3.8 log(10) at the dose of 52 mWs/cm(2). The geometric mean number of bacteria in the effluent after UV disinfection with the dose 40 mWs/cm(2) was below 50/100 ml of total coliforms, 15/100 ml of E.coli and approximately 30/100 ml of enterococci.