Nutritive Components, Sodium and Heavy Metals in Soils from Onion Production (Allium cepa L.) in Środa Wielkopolska District
T. Kleiber
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Department of Horticultural Plant Nutrition, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Zgorzelecka 4, 60-198 Poznań, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2009;18(5):837-843
The main aim of studies carried out in the years 2006-2008 was the estimation of macro- and microelements as well as sodium and heavy metals (cadmium and lead) contents in soils from production cultivations of onion (Allium cepa L.) in Środa district (Środa Wielkopolska, Wielkopolska province). In the summer, salinity (EC) and reaction (pH) of the majority of soils were within correct ranges. In the majority of cultivations, standard contents of nitrogen, potassium and calcium were found in the soil but, at the same time, there was an excess of phosphorus, magnesium and sulphur. The majority of studied cultivations were characterized by correct contents of iron and managnese, but at the same time there was an extreme deficit of zinc and copper in the soils. No soil contamination with heavy metals (cadmium and lead) was found. Consideration of the chemical soil analyses in the fertilization programs can contribute to further optimization of the quantitative and qualitative yields of onion and protect the soil environment in Środa production farms.
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