Post-Industrial Tourism as a Means to Revitalize the Environment of the Former Oil Basin in the Polish Carpathian Mountains
Zygmunt Kruczek1, Michał Kruczek2
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1Department of Natural Environmental Studies, Faculty of Tourism and Recreation,
University of Physical Education in Krakow
2Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Horticulture,
University of Agriculture in Krakow
Submission date: 2015-01-28
Final revision date: 2015-11-14
Acceptance date: 2016-01-03
Publication date: 2016-03-17
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2016;25(2):895-902
The oldest oil field in the world, located in the Polish Carpathian Mountains, is ending its production activity. Former mines and distilleries have become technological heritage sites, and many structures are in need of revitalisation. Post-industrial tourism presents an opportunity for rescuing industrial heritage and protecting the natural environment. The focus of this article is on the mining and oil industry traditions in the Polish Carpathian Mountains, and the region’s heritage is evaluated in terms of tourist attraction. The authors concentrate on the possibilities of using oil routes for post-industrial tourism as a means to revitalise post-industrial sites and ensure sustainable development for the region. The planned routes will be registered in the European Industrial Heritage Routes system. A SWOT analysis was conducted for the Carpathian oil route, and attention was drawn to the benefits for the natural environment and local communities resulting from the creation of tourist routes.
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