Reduction of the Contents of Carbon, Phosphorus and Nitrogen in Waste Products from the Alcohol Industry by the Method of Denitrification
A. Juszczak, J. Jaskulska, F. Domka and M. Walenciak*
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Department of Kinetics and Catalysis, Faculty of Chemistry Adam Mickiewicz University, Grunwaldzka 6, 60-780 Poznan, Poland
*Economic Academy, ul. Aleja Niepodleglosci, Poznan, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 1999;8(3):143–147
The paper reports results of the study on reduction of the COD in waste products from the alcohol industry based on the denitrification process, with the use of the laboratory culture of Bacillus licheniformis bacteria. The optimum conditions for the process have been established taking into account the effect of the composition and dilution of the waste, temperature of the process, concentration of nitrates and phosphates, aeration. In the optimum conditions COD was reduced in over 70%, the content of phosphorus - by about 60%, and the total reduction of nitrates was obtained in 24 hours.