Share of Agricultural Land in Spatial Variation in Plant Cover of Kujawy and Pomorze Province
Dariusz Jaskulski, Iwona Jaskulska
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Department of Plant Production and Experimentation, University of Technology and Life Sciences,
Kordeckiego 20E, 85-225 Bydgoszcz, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2011;20(3):571–579
The objective of this elaboration was to define the share of different land types, of which mainly agricultural land in the degree of vegetation coverage of rural areas in Kujawy and Pomorze Province in Poland. A principal component analysis of landscape composition was made. The degree of coverage of the area of communes by vegetation of agricultural land was also determined according to some indices of the coverage by: the crops grown on arable land (Isa), the vegetation of agricultural land (Iaa), and the vegetation of agricultural land and woodland (Ita). The index-determined share of the vegetation of agricultural land in the coverage of the area (Ish) was calculated as the percentage ratio of indices Iaa and Ita. Coverage of the province with vegetation strongly depends on cropland and woodland. The highest value of the index of coverage of the area by crops grown on agricultural land occurs in three communes: Łasin, Papowo Biskupie, and Osięciny and it ranges 0.843-0.631. In one fourth of the communes of Kujawy and Pomorze agricultural land, more than 90% can determine permanent plant cover area, while in almost half of the communes they account for 75% of the area of such plant cover.