Soil Microbe and Physicochemical Characteristics in Tensile Fracture Zone Caused by Mining Subsidence
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School of Earth and Environment, Anhui University of Science and Technology, 168 Taifeng Street, Huainan, China, 232001
Submission date: 2022-09-14
Final revision date: 2022-11-18
Acceptance date: 2022-12-28
Online publication date: 2023-02-14
Publication date: 2023-04-14
Corresponding author
Tingyu Fan   

Anhui University of Science and Technology, China
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2023;32(3):2361-2372
The bacterial community plays a crucial role in the soil ecosystem, and is closely linked with soil physicochemical properties. Surface tension cracks caused by underground coal mining inevitably have a significant impact on physical properties. To reveal the characteristics of the soil bacterial communities in the surface tension zones, high-throughput 16S rRNA sequencing was used to analyze the bacterial communities in surface tension fracture areas. Furthermore, the relationships between environmental factors and the diversity and abundance of the bacterial community, alpha diversity index, and variations in bacterial communities were discussed. We analyzed soil bacterial community structure and soil physicochemical properties from different dimensions. The results indicated that The abundance of bacteria in the soil surface layer was higher, and the nutrients in the middle and bottom of the slope increased with the increase of soil depth. Additionally, our data illustrated that microorganisms participated in soil carbon and nitrogen cycling in the soil samples. This study provides a reference for the study of variations in the bacterial diversity and community composition in surface tension fracture areas caused by underground mining.
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