The Efficiency Adsorption of Ammonia Nitrogen, Phosphate and Basic Blue 3 by Fulvic Acid Decorated Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanocomposites
Qiang Li 2,3
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State Key Laboratory of Eco-Hydraulic in Northwest Arid Region of China, Xi’an University of Technology, 710048, Xi’an, PR China
School of Environmental Engineering, Wuhan Textile University, Wuhan 430073, PR China
Engineering Research Center for Clean Production of Textile Dyeing and Printing, Ministry of Education, Wuhan 430073, China
Submission date: 2020-09-13
Final revision date: 2020-11-02
Acceptance date: 2020-11-11
Online publication date: 2021-04-06
Publication date: 2021-06-09
Corresponding author
Qiang Li   

Wuhan Textile University, China
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2021;30(4):3299-3305
Magnetic nanocomposites have attracted much attention in the field of wastewater treatment due to their great advantages of fast and efficient removal and separation. Therefore, Fe3O4 magnetic nanocomposites coated with fulvic acid (Fe3O4/FA) were applied to remove ammonia nitrogen, phosphate and basic blue 3 (BB3) from the effluent. The performance of the adsorbents towards the pollutant removal under different contact time, pH, ionic strength and temperatures were investigated. The whole process with adsorption kinetics and adsorption thermodynamics were also studied. The results showed that the adsorption equilibrium could be achieved in 180 min. The high susceptibility of ammonia nitrogen, phosphorus and BB3 to the alternation of pH, ionic strength and temperatures indicated that electrostatic interaction played a dominant role in the process. Fe3O4/FA exhibited excellent adsorption performance for ammonia nitrogen, phosphorus and BB3, and the qmax obtained by the Langmuir model were 106.21 mg/g, 116.81 mg/g and 203.54 mg/g, respectively. Its adsorption performance remained constant in the treatment of ammonia nitrogen, phosphate and BB3 after consecutive 6 cycles. In practical wastewater treatment, Fe3O4/FA improved the removal of ammonia nitrogen and phosphate. Therefore, Fe3O4/FA magnetic nanocomposites have a promising application for wastewater treatment.
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