Utilization of Dissolved Amino Acids by Marine Bacteria Isolated from the Surface and Subsurface Layers of the Gdańsk Deep
Z. Mudryk1,2, P. Skórczewski1
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1Department of Experimental Biology, University of Education,
Arciszewskiego 22, 76-200 Stupsk, Poland
2Centre of Marine Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences,
sw. Wojciecha 5, 81-347 Gdynia, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 1998;7(5)
Study of the utilization of various amino acids by bacteria inhabiting seawater in the region of the Gdansk Deep was carried out. The highest percentage of the neustonic and planktonic bacteria utilized glutamic acid, asparatic acid, histidine and cysteine for their optimal growth, whereas only a small percentage of bacterial strains utilized serine, phenylalanine, ornithine and glicyne. Significant differences in utilization of individual amino acids by bacteria inhabiting various water layers occurred.