Zoosporic fungi growing on gymnosperm pollen in water of varied trophic state
Czeczuga B, Muszynska E
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Czeczuga B, Med Acad Bialystok, Dept Gen Biol, Kilinskiego 1, PL-15230 Bialystok, Poland
Med Acad Bialystok, Dept Gen Biol, PL-15230 Bialystok, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2001;10(2):89–94
The authors investigated zoosporic fungi developing on the pollen grains of 36 taxons of gymnosperm plants in three bodies of water of various trophic state. A total of 83 zoosporic fungus species were noted, with predominance by the Peronosporales (39) and Chytridiales species (29). Twelve fungus species were recorded for the first time in Polish waters.