Assessment of Lead Sorption by Acid Agroforest Soils
W.Z. Kocialkowski, J.B. Diatta, W. Grzebisz
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Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Wojska Polskiego 71 F, Poznan, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 1999;8(6):403-408
Agroforest soil samples were collected at two depths (0-20 and 20-40 cm) near the Glogow Copper Plant (Poland). Adsorption parameters and isotherms were obtained by fitting the data to the Freundlich equation. The KF values of soil samples from the depth 0-20 cm were lower (from 32.1 to 45.4 dm3/kg) than those calculated for the soils nr 6 and 7 i.e. 48.7 and 51.4 dm3/kg, respectively. The multiple regression analysis revealed that pH, clay content and additionally organic matter content influenced the most the magnitude of KF values. Buffering indices gave a best estimation of the adsorption isotherm than made on the basis of KF and n values only. The lack of high correlation coefficients between KF and soil properties as well as "total Pb" and the latter ones may be attributed first to the specificity of agroforest soils and second to their presumable anthropogenic origin.
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