Comparison of the Effect of Vitamins A and E on Aging Processes of Edible Vegetable Oils
E. Niedworok, A. Bielaszka
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Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University of Silesia, 41-902 Bytom, Piekarska 18, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2007;16(6):861-865
One of the final products of aging processes of edible oils is malondialdehyde (MDA).The investigated oils (rapeseed oil, refined olive oil grape seed oil) with the addition of vitamins were tested with accelerated aging test Schaal Oven. Every 24 hours the concentration of MDA was determined. The results showed that in rapeseed oil the highest concentration of MDA (1.59µM/dm3) was detected in the samples containing vitamin E and also in a mixture of vitamins A and E after 168 hours. The highest concentration of MDA in grape seed oil, about 1.54µM/dm3, was observed in the samples with vitamin A after 72 hours. For olive oil it was shown that the highest amount of MDA was detected to be 1.29µM/dm3 in the samples with vitamin A after 168 hours.
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