Recycled polymers from food packaging in relation to environmental protection
Kolek Z
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Kolek Z, Cracow Univ Econ, Fac Commod Sci, Ul Rakowicka 27, PL-31510 Krakow, Poland
Cracow Univ Econ, Fac Commod Sci, PL-31510 Krakow, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2001;10(1):73-76
The development of production and application of plastic packages, much connected with their high resistance to the action of environmental factors, is a problem from the point of view of environmental protection. While discussing methods of reuse of plastic waste one has to consider the possibility of food packages' production from recycled polymers. When conditions which ensure the safety of a consumer of packaged food are determined, the problem should be tackled because of its ecological and economic aspects.
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