Succession of Periphyton Developing on Artificial Substrate Immersed in Polysaprobic Wastewater Reservoir
A. Szlauer-Łukaszewska
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Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Limnology, University of Szczecin, ul. Wąska 13, 71-415 Szczecin, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2007;16(5):753-762
The succession of periphyton developing on artificial substrate immersed in a polysaprobic wastewater reservoir was studied during a two-year period. Three stages in the periphyton development: initial, intermediate and mature, were observed. The initial stage was characterized by domination of euglenophytes; Carchesium polypinum was dominant during the intermediate stage, while diatoms and chrysophyceans dominated the mature stage. However, the most characteristic component of periphyton consisted of detritus that contributed more than 50% (by volume). The periphyton development dynamics in the second year of the experiment, when that formation was already firmly established on the polyethylene sheets, was quantitatively similar to the process of periphyton development in the first year of substrate exposure.
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