Dynamic Risk Assessment Method of Tunnel Collapse Based on Attribute Interval Assessment Model and Application
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Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Research Center, Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong, China
School of Civil Engineering, Yangtze Normal University, Chongqing, China
Submission date: 2019-10-31
Final revision date: 2020-01-02
Acceptance date: 2020-01-02
Online publication date: 2020-04-15
Publication date: 2020-06-08
Corresponding author
Sheng Wang   

Shandong University, China
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2020;29(5):3853-3864
Due to its complexity, collapse during the construction of tunnels is a hot issue. A dynamic risk assessment methodology based on a new attribute interval assessment model was presented, which consists of pre-assessment before excavation and post-assessment after excavation and before primary support. The surrounding rock level I1, rock mass integrity I2, buried depth I3, bias angle I4, groundwater I5, and construction factors I6 were selected as assessment indices. The value of every evaluation index is an interval rather than a definite value. On the basis of the traditional attribute assessment model, the integration method was introduced to compute the single index attribute measure of the interval. The index weight was determined by employing the combination weighting method, including subjective weight based on frequency statistic method, and objective weight based on analytic hierarchy process (AHP). The proposed method was applied in the right Duanjiawu Tunnel. The results were good agreement with actual excavation situation and the results of other methods, which proved the science and feasibility of this method.
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