Factors Influencing Social Perception of Investments in the Wind Power Industry with an Analysis of Influence of the Most Significant Environmental Factor – Exposure to Noise
Bartosz Bilski
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Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Medical Sciences in Poznań
Smoluchowskiego 11, 60-179 Poznań, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2012;21(2):289-295
This paper presents the most significant factors – economic, social, health, and environmental – that influence public perception of investments in the wind power industry. It particularly discusses the most significant factors conditioning potential investment venue: noise emissions generated by wind turbine units. The author, on the basis of the results of his own research, an academic literature analysis, and an assessment of legal and methodological conditions, has reviewed factors influencing the assessment accuracy of such investments' impact on audible and infrasound noise, and local communities and the environment. The publication also presents hypotheses that are not scientifically validated but which prevail within society concerning the negative influence of such investments on residents' health. These hypotheses may significantly affect social behaviour and the directions of further studies concerning the scope of research.
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