Innovative Mathematical Methods and New Software Applications for Cost-Effective, Profitable and Environmentally Friendly Freight Transport
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University of Miskolc, Institute of Logistics, Hungary
György Kovács   

University of Miskolc, Miskolci Egyetem, 3515 Miskolc, Hungary
Submission date: 2018-05-30
Acceptance date: 2018-07-27
Online publication date: 2019-03-05
Publication date: 2019-04-09
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2019;28(4):2659–2671
Due to the optimization and efficiency improvement of freight transportation, fuel consumption and environmental damage are reduced. Furthermore, if companies are more profitable, they can afford to invest in environmentally friendly technologies. Consequently, transportation will become more economic, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Three innovative methods and three new software applications have been developed to provide profitable and sustainable transportation:
1) Structure of key performance indicators and software for continuous evaluation of transport activity. If we can measure the performance, we can improve it in the future.
2) Calculation method and software for precise determination of the total prime cost of a given transportation order. It is significant, because knowing the prime cost, the carrier can calculate the expected profit. Since the transport fee includes the profit, profitable operation can be ensured.
3) Optimization method and software to optimize the fuel cost. At first by determining the optimal, most cost-effective petrol station (depending on the unit fuel price and distance of the potential petrol stations). Then the optimal amount of fuel has to be calculated, i.e. the exact amount needed, plus a safe margin to cover unexpected events.
Recently the above-mentioned activities have been unsupported by software, therefore this research is original.