Nitrogen Application Manner and Fertilization with Some Microelements Versus Ionic Equilibrium in Corn Grains
E. Spychaj-Fabisiak, B. Murawska
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University of Technology and Life Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2009;18(6):1101-1106
Investigations carried out in 2004-06 were aimed at determining effects of the nitrogen application manner and some top-dressed microelements on the content of cations and, in particular, their reciprocal ratios in grains of corn, cultivated to provide fodder. Except for sodium, and the K:Mg ion ratio, concentrations of cations and their ratios in corn grain were found to be significantly determined according to the way in which nitrogen was applied: higher contents of cations and more narrow values of studied ion ratios followed the application of a divided nitrogen dose to the soil and to the leaves. Top-dressing of microelemental fertilizers significantly shaped cation concentrations as well as values of ion ratios in corn grain, except for potassium and the Ca:Mg ratio. Application of microelements resulted in significantly higher contents of cations as compared to those in the control.
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