Paths of Environmental and Economic Reclamation: the Case of Post-Mining Brownfields
Robert Krzysztofik, Jerzy Runge, Iwona Kantor-Pietraga
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Department of Economic Geography, University of Silesia,
Będzińska 60, 41-200, Sosnowiec, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2012;21(1):219–223
The aim of the article is to indicate the main reclamation paths of the post-mining areas in environmental and economic aspects. The phenomena have been discussed with the example of the city of Sosnowiec, where these actions are of exemplary nature in reference to Poland.
The article presents two main paths of activity, including environmental and economic directions. The first is applied in the situation of a lack of possibilities to utilize the post-mining areas for economic or other social activities. It comprises the establishment of areas designed for the development of new industries, services, logistics, or housing areas.
The environmental path is connected with the change in the function of the space. Due to partial human interference or natural plant succession, new areas with significant nature and landscape value are being shaped. Both directions play equivalent roles in municipal politics.