Evaluation of the Spatial Policy of a Commune with Regard to Planned Land Use
Maria Hełdak, Beata Raszka
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Department of Spatial Management, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2013;22(1):125-130
Our study focuses on the subject of planning spatial development of communes within the context of protecting and using ecosystems. For the purpose of this article, within the context of planning the future spatial development of the commune, the following areas have been chosen: ones within which the ecosystem provides terrain for the benefit of humans, ones that people use as open landscape (altering them to a small degree or leaving them unaltered), and ones that people use in a way that compensates for the seizure of noninvested terrain and the alteration of its purpose toward terrain seizure.
Research involved an analysis of planning documents determining the spatial policy of each commune with regard to the functions ascribed to the areas within each commune, as well as a statistical analysis of the results. Prior to research, a classification of commune terrain with regard to its current state of development was performed. Within communes in Poland’s Wrocław district the following planned function zone categories have been selected:
Zone I – areas delineated for use by humans, whose development is related to soil sealing
Zone II – areas protected from investment, often used in an extensive manner
Zone III – areas in which humans undertake preventive and retardant actions for the benefit of the ecosystem.
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