The Possibilities of Using Renewable Sources of Energy in Podlaskie Province
Cezary Andrzej Pieńkowski
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Chair of Heat Engineering, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Białystok Technical University,
Wiejska 45 E, 15-351 Białystok, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2010;19(3):537-544
This paper presents the possibilities of using renewable sources of energy in Podlaskie Province. It shows the structure of acquisition of renewable sources of energy in the European Union, Poland, and Podlaskie province. In Podlaskie, windpower can be developed in its northern part, while hydropower can be acquired across the region. However, the greatest opportunities are connected with biofuels. Since supply of solid biomass from the four national parks and food-and-agricultural processing is limited, it is necessary to foster cultivation of energy plants as well as to use municipal waste as a source of energy. In the future, Podlaskie province should become a region of innovative economy pursuant to the provisions of the Innovative Energy program. Energetic Agriculture, liquid biofuels will be gradually replaced by gas biofuels generated by biological methods.
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