Bacteriological Monitoring of Lake Water in Wigry National Park in the Summer
S. Niewolak
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Olsztyn Department of Agriculture and Technology, Department of Ecology, Sanitary Microbiology Unit, Olsztyn-Kortowo, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 1999;8(4):231–249
This paper presents the results of examination of the number of indicatory bacteria of pollution degree (TVC 20°C, TVC 37°C) and sanitary state (TC, FC, FS) in the water of Lake Wigry and 41 other lakes on the area of Wigry National Park (WNP) carried out in the summer of 1995. Generally, lower numbers of the above-mentioned indicatory bacteria were found in the watershed of the Kamionka and Samlanka Rivers, higher numbers were observed in the water of direct watershed of Lake Wigry, the Wiatroluza River and canals connecting some lakes with Lake Wigry. The numbers TVC 20°C, TVC 37°C, FC show most often purity or only insignificant pollution of the examined lake waters. The samples of polluted water were most often found in the direct watershed of Lake Wigry. Only single water samples of Lake Wigry, lakes in the watershed of the Wiatroluza and Samlanka rivers contained above-average numbers of TC and FC from the point of view of their utilization for recreation. FS dominated in most water samples of the examinated lakes.