Effects of Zn, Cd, Pb on Physiological Response of Silene vulgaris Plants from Selected Populations
Aleksandra Nadgórska-Socha, Marta Kandziora-Ciupa, Ryszard Ciepał, Katarzyna Walasek
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Department of Ecology, University of Silesia, Bankowa 9, 40-007 Katowice, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2011;20(3):599–604
In Silene vulgaris plants (Szopienice population, Heap population, Calamine population) grown on substrate with the addition of Cd, Zn, and Pb, accumulation of heavy metals and antioxidant stress parameters were compared. The highest accumulation of the studied elements was noticed in leaves of Heap population. There was also shown different sensitivity of antioxidant system in Silene vulgaris leaves in response to the studied heavy metals. The highest concentration of non protein thiols and proline was shown in the plant leaves of Calamine population grown on substrate with the addition of Cd and a mixture of metals. In the plant leaves of Szopienice population grown on substrate with the addition of Zn and the substrate with the mixture of metals in the case of Heap population plants, we noticed the growth of guaiacol peroxidase activity.