Evaluation of Tortum Waterfall According to the Criteria Used in the Selection of Protected Areas in Turkey
Metin Demir, Serkan Özer
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Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Design,
Atatürk University, 25240 Erzurum, Turkey
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2014;23(5):1555–1563
For more than a century, several countries all over the world have taken certain areas under protection in order to protect their natural beauty and biological diversity. Today, protected areas, as well as their function of protecting nature, are considered as areas contributing to human welfare, reduction of poverty, and sustainable development.
In this study, it is established that with its landscape and natural landscape beauty, the Tortum Waterfall is visited by lots of tourists, especially in summer. The waterfall is the highest in Turkey and Europe and the third highest in the world at 48 m. The objective of our study is to refer to the current condition and importance of the area needing protection and, therefore, continually promote and contributing to regional and national tourism. With a hydrophical valley and area of 205.5 ha, the research area has been studied in accordance with the natural protection criteria and necessity of protection has been suggested. Moreover, it has been stated that the Tortum Waterfall should be taken under protection as a “Natural Park” and emphasized that the improvement plans of the area need to be prepared quickly.