Identification and Morphologic Characterization of Some Salt Resistant Exotic Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius L.) Lines During Seedling Growth
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Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field Crops, 06110 37/38 Fatih street Dışkapı Ankara, Türkiye
Submission date: 2023-01-28
Final revision date: 2023-03-02
Acceptance date: 2023-03-07
Online publication date: 2023-04-21
Publication date: 2023-05-18
Corresponding author
Sibel Day   

Department of Field Crops, Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, 37/38 Fatih caddesi, 06110, Ankara, Turkey
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2023;32(3):2531-2537
Salinity is an increasing constraint in crop production. This abiotic stress has an impact on the life cycle of all plant species. It is well established that seed germination is vulnerable to soil salinity at a sowing depth of 1-5 cm. This study was conducted to investigate the impacts of NaCl on the germination performance of 10 exotic safflower lines (PI 248366, PI 243070, PI 237538, PI 613516, PI 601166, PI 613517, PI 613529, PI 250604, PI 613514, and PI 613460). Electrical conductivity (EC) values of NaCl solutions were 5, 10, 20, and 30 dS mˉ¹. Safflower lines were germinated with different NaCl treatments by measuring different morphologic parameters. The observations showed that seedling growth parameters were inhibited especially at 20 and 30 dS mˉ¹ NaCl treatments. It is clear that lines PI 248366 and PI 613516 had less diversity for the dry matter under dissimilar NaCl doses especially for 5 and 10 dS mˉ¹, which were the signs of their tolerance to salinity.
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