Planning and Policy of Renewable Energy Utilization in a Rural Economic Development Zone
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School of Economic Management, North China Electric Power University, BeishiDist, Baoding, China
Submission date: 2019-10-31
Final revision date: 2019-11-27
Acceptance date: 2019-12-01
Online publication date: 2020-04-06
Publication date: 2020-06-08
Corresponding author
Yilin Xu   

School of Economic Management, North China Electric Power University, huadian road, 071000, Baoding, China
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2020;29(5):3915-3927
Renewable energy development is a dire need due to the energy shortage and environmental pollution in rural areas. It has a profound impact on rural construction and development by promoting the utilization of rural renewable energy. This paper puts forward the estimation method of rural renewable energy resources and generating capacity, making the maximum use of renewable energy and giving valuable policy suggestions for rural economic development zones. Taking the rural economic development zone of Jize County, Handan City, Hebei Province as an example, this paper analyzes the development status of the rural economic development zone. The results show that the renewable energy system with multiple complementary energy sources can meet the future energy demands of the development zone and generate 357.22 million kWh of electricity, which has certain environmental and social benefits. As to ensuring the project operation, some government policy suggestions are given at the end of this paper from the five aspects, i.e., finance, roof renovation, land use, capital investment and positive guidance. The renewable energy calculation methods and government policy suggestions proposed in this paper can be applied to the renewable energy planning of rural economic development zones all over the world.
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