The Impact of Current EU Climate and Energy Policies on the Economy of Poland
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Institute of Finance, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Szczecin, Szczecin, Poland
Ireneusz Miciuła   

University of Szczecin, street: Bandurskiego 95/21, 71-685 Szczecin, Poland
Submission date: 2018-03-18
Final revision date: 2018-04-28
Acceptance date: 2018-05-06
Online publication date: 2019-02-15
Publication date: 2019-03-01
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2019;28(4):2273–2280
This is an analysis of the climate and energy policy of the European Union and its impact on the economic situation of Poland. The aim of the article is to show the direct impact of modern European Union policy in this area on the economic situation of states, in particular Central Europe. Simultaneously, we develop recommendations for the Polish and the European Union in terms of future climate and energy policy through the analysis of empirical data and practices followed by the European Union countries. The basis of the presented considerations and recommendations is a literature review of the studied subject and a statistical analysis of empirical data, which indicate the financial effectiveness of different energy sources and processes taking place in the world under the discussed issues.