Environmental and Economic Benefits of Using Kinetic Wind Energy to Generate Electricity
Stanisław Gumuła1, Krzysztof Pytel2, Małgorzata Piaskowska-Silarska2
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1Department of Power Engineering and Environmental Protection, AGH, Kraków, Poland
2Institute of Technology, UP, Kraków, Poland
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2014;23(6):2315-2320
This paper examines the use of kinetic energy of the wind to generate electricity in Polish environmental conditions. The aim of the analysis is defining the correlation between chosen environmental and structural factors of a wind power station and the amount of the avoided emissions designated for greenhouse gases and planned economic benefits from realized investments. Wind power stations of the leading world producers were chosen and subsequently they were combined into groups of wind power stations with similar total power. The level and the extent of the noise occurring as a result of work of the complex of power station were calculated. The amount of energy produced in chosen locations was estimated and the avoided emissions of CO2 were calculated. Considering prices of: tons of carbon dioxide emissions, energy on the market, and green certificates, an economic profitability of investment was calculated.
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