Assessing the Impacts of Seasonal Variations on Predicting Leachate Generation in Gumushane Open Dump Using Water Balance Method
Salim Serkan Nas1, Evin Nas2
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1Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences,
Gümüshane University, 29100 Gümüshane, Turkey
2Department of Construction Technologies, Karadeniz Technical University, 61300 Trabzon, Turkey
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2014;23(5):1659-1668
Leachate quality varies depending on many factors such as the depth and the content of solid waste, seasonal variations in solid waste, and the duration of storage of solid waste; design and operation of storage space; geological and hydrogeological characteristics of storage area; and environmental interaction of leachate, which affect each other. One of the two major sources of leachate is the moisture content of the waste stored and the other is the mass of water entering the storage area from outside. A major part of the mass of water entering the storage area from outside is the infiltration of rain water through the storage area.
The purpose of this study is to assess the seasonal variation in leachate of Gümüshane (Central) open dump area using the 'water balance method' for the determination of the factors affecting the seasonal variation in leachate of landfill, which particularly holds a higher risk of contaminating the environment. In addition, some of the measures to be taken in solid waste storage areas in order to minimize the mass of leachate are presented.
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