Experimental-Energy Combustion of Biomass Combined with Coal in Thermal Power Plants
Martin Bosák, Zuzana Hajduová, Milan Majerník, Pavol Andrejovský
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Faculty of Business Economy, University of Economics in Bratislava,
Tajovského 13, 041 30 Kosice, Slovak Republic
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2015;24(4):1517-1523
Approximately 11,000 industrial facilities from 30 European countries are being monitored within the trading scheme for the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (ETS). They have released into the atmosphere 1.88 billion tons of CO2 emissions in 2011, of which a considerable portion is coming from thermal power plants. Additional power plant-generated waste like ash, slag (slag-ash mixture), oxides, sulfur, and nitrogen components present an environmental burden in closer and wider surroundings of thermal power plants.
This article synthesizes the results of scientific research, experimentation, and practical examination of environment-energy optimal biomass combustion of semianthracite with black coal. Experimentation was performed under practical conditions in Vojany Power Plant (EVO), the largest thermal power plant using fossil fuels in Slovakia.
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