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Measuring the Impact of Selected Plants on Indoor CO2 Concentrations, Cetin Mehmet; Sevik Hakan, Volume: 25; Page: 973-979
Changes in Water Resources of Polish Lakes as Influenced by Natural and Anthropogenic Factors; Choiński, Adam; Ptak, Mariusz; Lawniczak, Agnieszka E. Volume: 25, Page: 1883-1890
Indicator-based assessment for soil resource management in the Wroclaw Larger Urban Zone of Poland; Szewrański, Szymon; Kazak, Jan; Żmuda, Romuald; Wawer, RafałVolume: 26, Page: 2239-2248
Construction of Time-Space Structure Model of Deep Stope and Stability Analysis, Wen, Zhijie; Tan, Yunliang; Han, Zuozhen; Meng, Fanbao, Volume: 25, Page: 2633-2639
Insights into the Effects of Simulated Nitrogen Deposition on Leaf Functional Traits of Rhus Typhina,Wang, Congyan; Xiao, Hongguang; Liu, Jun; Zhou, Jiawei; Du, Daolin, Volume: 25, Page: 1279-1284
Determining Changes in Land Use Structure in Malopolska Using Statistical Methods, Noszczyk, Tomasz; Rutkowska, Agnieszka; Hernik, Józef; Volume: 26, Page: 211-220
Assessing the Impact of Wastewater Effluent Diversion on Water Quality, Dąbrowska, Jolanta; Bawiec, Aleksandra; Paweska, Katarzyna; Kamińska, Joanna; Stodolak, Radosław, Volume: 26, Page: 9-16