Change of Flowering and Harvest Dates of Cherry Varieties with Air Temperature
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Fruit Research Institute, Egirdir, Isparta, Turkey
Hasan Cumhur Sarisu   

Breeding and Genetic, Egirdir Fruit Research Institute, Isparta, Turkey
Submission date: 2019-12-23
Final revision date: 2020-03-02
Acceptance date: 2020-03-02
Online publication date: 2020-08-17
Publication date: 2020-10-05
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2021;30(1):351–359
Sweet cherry is a valuable fruit species that can generate high prices in both export and domestic market. The growth of this species includes the dates of flowering and harvesting for the management of natural risks and quality within important periods. It was examined interactions between full bloom and harvest dates of 23 different sweet cherry varieties and their orchard air temperatures in 2006-2011. The average change between the flowering dates and average of the mean daily temperatures (4.5-6.5 degrees C) is a 4-day difference with a degree temperature change. Similar correlation was found between harvest time and temperature. The time of harvest changed on average 8 days with a degree changing in the average temperature (between 8-11 degrees). In addition, among the varieties evaluated in the trial, Sunburst was determined to be the most stable variety for flowering and harvest time at temperature changes. Parallel to climate changes, the effect of temperatures on floral and harvest time changes will also affect the management of natural risks and quality. It is of great value to make feasibility studies by evaluating the climatic conditions in the growing for many years.