Bibliometric Overview of Research on Taste and Odor in Drinking Water during the 1980-2022
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Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Sutculer Prof. Dr. Hasan Gurbuz Vocational School, Isparta, Turkey
Submission date: 2023-04-30
Final revision date: 2023-06-21
Acceptance date: 2023-06-29
Online publication date: 2023-09-22
Publication date: 2023-10-25
Corresponding author
Cihan Ozgur   

Isparta University of Applied Sciences, 32100, Isparta, Turkey
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 2023;32(6):5301-5306
Due to the global climate change, water resources have been withdrawn and the pollutant loads have become concentrated, thus causing the taste and odor components of the waters to be felt globally, leading to an increase in research in this area. The goal of this study was to analyze the trends in research from 1980 to 2022 that concentrated on both the formation and removal of taste and odor components in surface water resources throughout the world. 965 papers were examined a systematic review and bibliometric analysis. The findings revealed a growth in research on taste and odor compounds as well as the popularity and applicability of novel purification techniques in addition to more traditional ways for removing these substances. Water Research was the journal with the highest impact in this area. The United States, China, Canada, Australia, and South Korea were the top 5 most productive nations. Studies on the speciation of taste and odor components are in the minority but demands for innovative treatment techniques such as advanced oxidation processes have been considered, and these compounds are an area of research with significant potential. This study can assist research with its worldwide findings on taste and odor compounds.
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